Can you help me with a mainstay product that has run its life cycle?

We can take the mainstay product and “freshen it up” or give it a complete overhaul pending the manufacturers input.

I’m a start up company.  Do I qualify for your services?

Definitely.  If you are looking to grow and expand your product line, Davison can help no matter the size of the company.

Our product line is full of “me too” items.  Can provide us with unique items?

Davison has a product vault of thousands of products at our disposal, or we can design and develop something specific for the manufacturer as well.

I’m looking to branch into another product category.  Is this something Davison can help me with?

Davison is well versed in many different product categories.  We can help existing products crossover or start a new line from scratch.

We are having difficulties sourcing our products at competitive prices.  Do you have any sourcing contacts?

With over 25 years experience, Davison has developed many quality relationships.  We can help in sourcing and quoting for our clients.

I have a great product 80% developed, but I just can’t get over the finish line.  Can you help with that?

This is not not uncommon, and at Davison, our foundation is in problem solving.  We can  work with what you have to solve the problem so the product can go to the factory.